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Offline Success for Urban Emporium

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Challenge: Urban Emporium, a boutique furniture store, aimed to increase foot traffic to its physical locations and boost sales through strategic offline advertising.

Strategy: TRM developed a comprehensive offline advertising strategy, focusing on traditional channels such as print media, outdoor advertising, and community events. The goal was to create a strong local presence and engage with the target audience.

Execution: Print advertisements showcasing Urban Emporium’s unique furniture pieces were strategically placed in local newspapers and magazines. Outdoor billboards were strategically located near the store, emphasizing seasonal promotions. The store also participated in community events and sponsorships to enhance brand visibility.

Results: Within the first quarter, Urban Emporium witnessed a 20% increase in foot traffic to its physical locations. The strategically placed billboards garnered attention from passing traffic, contributing to an increase in brand recognition. The community events not only strengthened the brand’s local ties but also resulted in a noticeable uptick in sales.

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