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Digital Triumph for SpiceHub

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Challenge: SpiceHub, a popular Indian restaurant chain, wanted to enhance its online presence, increase food delivery orders, and engage with a wider audience.

Strategy: TRM devised a robust digital marketing strategy, focusing on social media, online advertising, and a user-friendly website. We aimed to showcase SpiceHub’s diverse menu, highlight its unique flavors, and make online ordering seamless.

Execution: We implemented targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns showcasing mouth-watering visuals and limited-time offers. Collaborations with food influencers amplified the brand’s reach. Simultaneously, we revamped the website, incorporating an intuitive order placement system and engaging content.

Results: SpiceHub experienced a 50% increase in online orders within three months. Social media engagement surged, leading to a 25% growth in followers. The campaign not only boosted revenue but also strengthened SpiceHub’s digital brand presence.

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